The first home rebuild in Southern Indiana following the March 2 storms.


Book your teams today!

You can help rebuild homes in southern Indiana.  We are currently looking for volunteer teams to help with our building projects.   Contact our volunteer coordinator to schedule your team for 2013 by email at or call 574-231-7019


What is Volunteers ROC: Volunteers ROC (Rebuilding our Community) is a Faith-Based response to the March 2nd tornado in Southern Indiana. Teams from all over the country partner with V-ROC to assist Hoosier families to repair and rebuild through a holistic approach.
On March 2nd, 2012, an EF4 Tornado swept through 6 Indiana Counties: Clark, Jefferson, Washington, Scott, Ripley and Warrick.  The storm left hundreds of families with homes destroyed or with major damage. A FEMA declaration was issued on March 9th ( DR-4058). This declaration began federal assistance to many families.

Our Goal: V-ROC is established as one of the workforces to assist families who are not able to meet their own needs. V-ROC works with churches to provide work teams that come for a week at a time to help provide labor and materials, as available. These work teams work unconditionally to ensure that our families are well cared for and put back home into a safe, sanitary and secure situation.  V-ROC focuses on a holistic approach for each families’ recovery. We focus on the following; Physical, emotional, financial and spiritual. Who better than the church that can provide a well balanced recovery of all four elements.

How are clients chosen? Clients, a.k.a families or survivors, are carefully chosen by the following means;

1) They must be a home owner.

2) They must have disaster related damages to DR-4058.
3) They must qualify as a client under our NVOAD guidelines.

4) They cannot repair or rebuild on their own due to financial difficulties.

5) All clients must agree to have to their case managed by a case manager.

6) All clients agree to actively participate in their recovery.

Where is the V-ROC camp located? Volunteers ROC is located at the beautiful Country Lake Christian Retreat, 815 Country Lake Rd. Underwood IN, 47177.


Projects:  All projects are chosen to meet your team skills. We do have age requirements for young people, but V-ROC will do it’s very best to accommodate younger volunteers. (Please contact us at for more info).
V-ROC will provide materials for all jobs but we do ask you to bring your favorite tools to use on job site. (V-ROC can provide tools as needed). All projects are under the supervision on V-ROC Construction Coordinator Kevin
Moss. For any questions related to work or tools please contact Kevin at

Transportation: All teams are responsible for their own transportation, including to and from job sites.

Booking a team: To book your team, please contact us at Once we receive your request you will be emailed a Volunteers ROC packet.

What is the cost? The cost is $100.00 per week per person. This includes lodging, 3 meals per day, materials on job site and a Volunteers ROC T-shirt.


Can I make a donation to help with materials? Yes! If you would like to make a tax deductible gift to help pay for materials we would ask you to direct those donations to the Salvation Army at the following address; Salvation Army, 2300 Green Valley Rd. New Albany IN. 47151.

Please mark your gift as Tornado Relief.

How about gift cards? Yes! Gift cards are very helpful. Lowe’s, Home Depot or Wal-mart cards assist us when teams are in the field and have an additional need of materials. You can send your gift to Volunteers ROC, 815 Country Lake Rd. Underwood IN 47177.

For more information please contact us at or 574-231-7019.


Disclaimer- V-ROC and its partners provide volunteer labor free of charge to families impacted by the tornado of March 2, 2012 in Southern Indiana.  Furthermore, V-ROC and its partners do not discriminate in any way.

Volunteers ROC is a ministry of the Hope Crisis Response Network in partnership with Country Lake Christian Retreat, the Salvation Army, Hoosier Uplands and UMCOR of Indiana.